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St.Mark's Lutheran Church
Reflections: O God of resurrection and hope, may we heed to your generosity. Stir up the dark tomb and unbind us from the harshness of our humanity. Bring forth life in the face of death, and help us to share your vision. Amen.
Margaret Propp, Calgary AB - Eternity for Today: October 15, 2017


dove The Inreach/Outreach Committee is responsible for the contact between new and current members by means of outside sources (i.e. Signs, flyers, and newspaper advertisements). Working with new members to make them more comfortable with our community through a sponsorship program that will put a new member with a member of our congregation.

The committee has been involved in organizing dinner events and greeting cards for the seniors in our congregation. Our outreach includes distributing flyers in the River Heights community and mailing flyers to the Lindenwoods community (i.e. Easter services).