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St.Mark's Lutheran Church
Reflections: Thank you, Jesus, for giving us the gift of your message and teaching us to love one another. Amen.
Julie Ryan, Brodhagen ON - Eternity for Today: July 21, 2019


God’s call to be faithful stewards of his creation is an invitation that is extended to all who wish to be a part of our family at St. Mark’s. Whether you feel the call to serve at a morning Sunday service or behind the scenes at a committee level, there are numerous opportunities to put your time and talents to work for ministry at St. Mark’s. God’s call to stewardship also reminds us of our ongoing commitment to serve God first in prayer, worship and fellowship.

There is also a need to support our staff, our programs and our community with finances that allow these programs to continue to support and serve the people that they are intended to minister to. The church currently offers various means of supporting these ministries. Our general offering envelopes support specified programs and staff at St. Mark’s and the church at large.

A major stewardship concern today is our care for our environment. In response to this, our national church body, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada has undertaken a “Green Initiatives” program which urges congregations and members to seek out ways to become more environmentally aware and active. One initiative we have taken at St. Mark’s is to implement the pre-authorized deposit (PAD) program for those members who wish to make their offerings without paper envelopes. This program also assists the ministry at St. Mark’s by providing consistent offerings throughout the year. To seek further information please check out

Special offering envelopes are available to allow members to designate specific financial gifts to special programs.

The challenge for us is to let God be our guide as we commit ourselves to be stewards of his kingdom.